About Us


Company Profile

UMA Export is India's leading Manufacturer & Exporter of 925 Sterling Silver Jewelry and Gemstones. The company has been setup with a commitment to offer the Best Quality of Fine Jewelry at Real Competitive Prices. We are truly targeting all the retailers, wholesalers, and exporters locally as well as internationally. UMA Exports is a parental business and the company has a manufacturing unit which is about 50 years old and has more than 50 labours, 3 staff members and 2 assorter for stones. Today, company production capacity is above 200 kilogram per month. The company manufactured almost all types of handmade silver jewelry including ring, earrings, pendants, sets, bangles, bracelets, toe rings, necklaces, etc. Today, the company serving various clients from all around the world with their exquisite products including USA, Thiland, Brazil, Russia, Italy, Germany and more than 20 countries.

UMA Export has already achieved a strong threshold in Silver jewelry and Gemstones. A vertically integrated organization structure has enabled us to provide the Jewelry at highly competitive prices and thus, now we can pass on the benefits to the ultimate customers, in the form of value for money. Our designs are beautifully fabricated to perfection and they reflect the sensitivity in design, execution and uniqueness. The fine arts made in as indicated by these are essentially made of valuable and semi-valuable stones with base as acrylic and glass. The profitable stones used consolidate emerald, ruby, blue sapphire, yellow sapphire, multicolor sapphires, pearl etc. Each stone is fastidiously put and stuck to swallow faultlessness in the precedents. The shades of these canvases proceed as before for a lifetime since gemstones used are generally consistent.

No hued or phony stones are used. Other than harsh gemstones, cleaned dots, drops, taxis et cetera are in like manner used to expand the horizon of the craftsmanship.

Why Choose Us

We are on edge to endeavor new and strange craftsmanship and forte materials. Creative ability for us can be described as making something new, something hard to do, addressing craftsmanship and workmanship vendors over the world. Arranging new things for the essentials of our customers is our method of reasoning.

Vision and Mission

Our association has confidence in collecting natural and genuine gemstones. Our trust in standard characteristics to give amazing customer advantage has fortify over the time. This has wound up being the flourishing formula and satisfying foundation for customers. We by and large assume that the satisfied customers are repeat customers.